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If you'd like to support us there are many ways to help

Travel Credit Card Sign Up Bonus (travel points for both of us!)

We've been able to save thousands of dollars$ by booking flights on airline miles. One of the easiest and best way to earn those miles is through travel credit cards. We only recommend this to responsible card holders who ALWAYS pay off their monthly bills on-time. Here are a few of our favorite cards that give great sign up bonuses. See link buttons below. When you sign up you'll receive 40-50k bonus points when you meet the minimum spend and we receive 10k bonus points. Let us know if you have any specific questions, we’d be happy to help!

AirBnB (free housing for us both!)

AirBnB is a great way to stay in a locals home/apartment and experience a new place! When you sign up using our link you'll receive $40 in travel credit and we'll receive $20 in travel credit (after you complete a stay).

Photo Shop

We have been incredibly fortunate to visit and experience so many beautiful places in this world. Our photo shop is a collection of a few of our favorite photos. Even if you don't want to purchase a photo, we hope you enjoy the scenery as much as we do! And if you do purchase a photo it is one of the greatest compliments that we can receive. 

Thank You!

For anyone who follows these links or purchases a photo from us, we greatly appreciate it! By no means do we expect you to financially help us, just know we will use the proceeds for something globally epic!

Xoxo Katy + Michael!