One EPIC Overnight

We packed up our bags making sure we had all the essentials to stay warm in the high alpine and headed out. We were given the recommendation to hike Wedge Mountain by a friend and a local of Whistler.

It was our first night in a tent since we started the trip. We had traveled through epic backpacking country - Wyoming, Montana, Alberta, Yukon, and Alaska without backpacking a single night. British Columbia was the place to change that.

The hike was a serious ass-kicker. It was only four miles each way, but gained 4,000 feet of elevation in those four short miles. Carrying a 40 lb pack only increased the challenge.

We reached the top and were in complete awe of the beauty and scenery before us. When you push yourself this hard to reach the end destination it only makes it that much more satisfying. We were given a second wind when it set in that we got to call this place “home” for the night (probably the most beautiful place we have ever slept).

We set up camp along the lakeshore and snapped a few photos before jumping in the icy waters of Wedgemount Lake. You know it’s cold when the Glacier above is running directly into the lake.

We cooked a quick freeze-dried meal for dinner and prepped for sunset. Initially we were down by the lake soaking up the views when we realized the sunset up on the ridge looked even more spectacular. We hustled to the top and were able to experience one of the most gorgeous sunsets we have ever seen. Photos don’t do it justice.

That night we woke up at 1AM to catch a glimpse of the meteor shower that was happening. Sadly, we only saw a couple of shooting stars before the clouds rolled in, but we were able to capture some neat night photos. Michael has been practicing night photography and “night painting”. He put his new skills to work.

The next morning we hiked just a short distance past the lake and up to the gorgeous glacier above. We cautiously walked out a little knowing the danger of standing on a dynamic glacier.

We then packed up our bags and headed down the mountain. It was a steep descent! Michael set the precedent, the first person to fall gets an extra beer - implying there is more than one at the end of this brutal descent :) Well it was definitely steep enough because we each took a fall. Thankfully no injuries, only a short slide down the gravelly mountain side which made for good entertainment.

We LOVED our first overnight and consider it a major highlight. If you want to challenge yourself and sleep in one of the most beautiful places imaginable then put this one on the bucket list!