100 Days Living In A Truck

We have lived in our truck for 100 days and couldn't be happier!

People often ask us how we can live together in such a small space. It’s really quite nice and we’re happy to carry on about how wonderful it actually is. We have managed to make it a very livable space that is comfy and cozy.

 What? You live out of your Ford F-150? Bloody Hell.” Our favorite comment so far from an 11 year-old boy from the Netherlands. Just imagine this with a child’s Dutch accent. Adorable and quite hilarious.

Driving on the Avenue of the Giants through Humboldt Redwoods State Park, California

We think of our space as three rooms, each with it's own purpose.

The two front seats are mainly just the driving zones. Thankfully we have comfy chairs to sit on while driving from place to place and listening to podcasts. This is especially important during our long driving days. 

The back seats of the cab act as our closets and food storage area. We keep our cooler, snack bags, and all our clothing back there. This space often explodes after an activity and we are constantly working to keep it organized.

Eating s'mores on the back

The truck bed is our "home". We have our sleeping space, working space, and "Movie Theatre" back there. The side shelves make for a great desk spot or shelving to store basic items.

Just waking up at the campground

Once in awhile at night we like to turn sideways, prop the computer up on the shelf and put on a movie. And most importantly we have our sleeping space that is quite luxurious! As long as we sleep diagonally we can both stretch out and sleep peacefully.

Stargazing in the Oregon Sand Dunes

We love our truck and the places it has taken us. The space might be small but it does make for a perfect adventure-home.