The BIG Night Out

When you are constantly traveling out of your truck you become really good at cooking, especially cooking simple meals with little clean up. It takes time to get all instruments and ingredients out, cooked, washed and put away. It’s safe to approximate that each meal we cook will take at least 1.5 hour from start to finish. We enjoy cooking and would consider it a highlight and a skill we will continue to develop.

Having said that, we embrace our love for going out! When someone else is cooking and cleaning it is a treat. Because it comes with a cost greater than home cooking we limit the amount of “going out” meals. Eating out will fluctuate with the location we are at and the activities we are doing. Naturally when we are in extremely remote areas the food options come solely from the “Katy & Michael” kitchen, but a city will certainly tempt us more often. Additionally, the more exhausting the day’s activity the more desirable a huge pizza sounds :)

Fancy meals and swanky dinners however aren’t even considered. When I say “going out” I’m talking about a sandwich at a cafe, BBQ, or splitting a pizza. Nothing fancy.

Well, this was true. We went to Vancouver. We went out. We went swanky. And we went BIG! Factor in our degree of hunger, but this was one of the best meals we’ve ever experienced. Truly.

So the background behind the legendary meal, a meal worth writing about and sharing publicly. While we were in Fairbanks, Alaska we were struck with endless days of rain. Katy took the opportunity to complete a side project for one of her employers, Figure 8 Marketing & Media. As a bonus Katy’s employer remotely took us out to dinner to the nicest restaurant in Vancouver. A tremendous thank you to Jill!

We went straight to Blue Water Cafe after some epic mountain biking in Squamish, BC (about 45 minutes north of Vancouver). We literally showered in Squamish with our portable shower in between a utility van and our truck at the parking lot of Alice Lake Park before going to the nicest restaurant in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Parking lot shower before award winning restaurant, it happened.

We started with cocktails and oysters. Someone elbowed their way into someone else’s oysters because someone didn't think she liked oysters until she tried them. We each had 3 and we’ve been on the hunt for more ever since.

Second course was an array of plates - scallop ceviche, dungeness crab, tuna tartar, layered smoked salmon. Incredible.

Main course - halibut for Katy and sablefish for Michael. We always compete to see who ordered better whether it be a main dish or a deli sandwich. We both think we won, a great indicator of the quality. The main course was the highlight of the meal which is hard to say considering how delicious everything was.

Dessert - There was a misunderstanding and the waiter thought we granted him “chef’s choice” on the desert. No complaints on his selection. He brought out creme brûlée, a rendition of lava cake, and a scoop of made-in-house sorbet along with dessert wines. In total, we were at the restaurant for nearly four hours and had to feed the meter three times.

Everything was dazzling and perfect. A memory we will hold on to as we continue to travel as dirt bags.