No expectations, No Timeline, Just Flow With It

Where are we going and when will we be there?

Trip planning can make or break a trip depending on the location and length of time you are traveling. We have had the good fortune of taking trips all over the world before, typically in two-week increments. Having a general agenda for a trip is important but the ability to be flexible and improvise is the holy grail of travel.

We will always research the location we are visiting – recommended attractions, free tours, local food/drink establishments, etc. It’s no fun doing research while you are in an incredible location, so being semi-prepared is absolutely worthwhile.

Having said that, the majority of stories and memories gathered from our travels have been from “unplanned” or improvised situations…e.g. watching the owner of a small café bar in Venice, Italy sing merrily as he chopped off the necks of champagne bottles with a medieval sword at 3:00am on a Wednesday. Of course he served the champagne afterwards. We learned about this bar on a free walking tour earlier in the day, which we did have on our agenda. This is where partial/flexible planning meets the glorious improvised and unknown.

This has been our typical mind-set and planning method for numerous trips and we are trying to apply it to our current travels. The current agenda is to head up to Montana then Alberta, eastern British Columbia, north to the Yukon, then west to Alaska. From Alaska we will head back down to British Columbia, through the pacific coast, down to southern California, and over to Arizona and Utah.

Want visuals? Check out the map of our travel plans here:

This is our general agenda but we know things will change and we are looking forward to it. We will meet other travelers with recommendations, discover new trails, stay longer or shorter than expected, and find new scenery along the way.

Stay tuned as we update where we are and where we are going. We will also highlight notable areas that we visit including recommendations on lodging, food, and activities incase you are looking for your next travel destination.

Katy + Michael

Travel. The World Belongs To You