About Us

Our Story

We are both originally from St. Louis, MO and have lived in Colorado for the past six years. We have been friends since early high school and married two years ago (2014). Throughout both our friendship and marriage travel has been a pinnacle in our relationship.

We both avidly love the outdoors – biking, hiking, snowboarding, camping – and will incorporate this in our travel as much as possible. While traveling we hope to enhance certain skill sets –mountain biking, photography, travel cooking, pottery, digital arts, new languages, and the many unknowns.

Our previous travels have taken us to several regions of the world – North America, Europe, Central America, South America, Caribbean – but we aspire to see more in these locations along with the Asia Pacific region and possibly Africa.



At age 17, while on an Outward Bound trip, I journaled that I wanted to pursue more than the general idea of life – get a job, get married, buy a house, and start having kids. Eventually I would love all of these things, but for now my focal point is to travel.

As a child, my parents instilled in me the value of travel. Each year we would take a 2-week family vacation; as I grew and started travelling independently I couldn’t seem to get enough. I would start planning my next trip before the current trip ended. I dreamed of starting a trip with no definite end-point and now I am embarking on that goal.

Previously I worked as a Physical Therapist for four years. I then earned a MBA and transitioned into Marketing and Business Development. I am fortunate to continue with some side projects while traveling, but mostly get to focus on the fun part – travel. 


I was fortunate to travel and have the outdoors in my life from a young age. Aside from weekly fishing with my dad in Missouri, my family owned a small cabin in Estes Park, CO that we visited every summer for two weeks. During these trips I failed to explore or enjoy the true essence of Rocky Mountain National Park and the outdoors. I would spend most of my time in a magic shop learning card tricks. I have incredible “slide of hand”.

My current enthusiasm for travel, learning about new places, cultures and people was established in December 2008 with my first trip to Amsterdam - walking city streets for hours, eating new foods, embracing local culture, and meeting new people with varying perspectives. I realized quickly that these are all things that I love. I’ve been hooked on travel ever since.

In a nutshell, I think the appreciation of travel comes with time and experience in various locations. Can’t wait to “live in the now” and soak it all up!

Professionally, I worked in IT sales for the past 5 years.